Life's seasons with Lydia Millen.

Holly Thomson interviews eloquent style icon and leading digital creator, Lydia Millen following the launch of her debut book; Evergreen, a comforting guide to the seasons of nature and life.

A life in the country is often governed by the seasons. Each one brings with it new opportunities, waves of work and of course, challenges. Life is much the same, we each go through different seasons at different times, we all know ourselves life is very rarely in full bloom all of the time, it is not sustainable, just as nature needs seasons of rest and recuperation through Autumn and Winter to recover, ready to bloom once more the following Spring and Summer so do we…

One half of your Countrywoman’s Guide duo, Holly Thomson interviewed eloquent style icon, Lydia Millen following the release of her debut book, Evergreen. Inspired by the wisdom of the natural world, Lydia has leant into this idea of transitioning through life’s seasons within her creation of Evergreen through discovering the beautiful nuances between earth’s seasons and the seasons within our own lives. Evergreen is a comforting guide to the seasons and living in harmony with them.

Whilst Lydia needs little introduction, for anyone who isn’t familiar with who she is, Lydia Millen is one of the original and leading digital creators with over 1 million subscribers on YouTube tuning into her regular, luxury styling and behind the scenes videos, she is also a revered blogger over on her own corner of the internet. For over 10 years, Lydia has been sharing content with the world whilst also navigating her way through it off camera, which is not always easy. We all know that our interests, priorities and passions change as we journey through life, and this has been no different for Lydia.

In recent years, Lydia’s content has evolved to focus on her enchanting, lavish life in the English countryside with her husband, something we touch on in the interview. A particular journey I have enjoyed following is her discovery of her passion for horses and riding.

Lydia’s Instagram and content is the epitome of classic, luxe British country living, providing fashion and interior style inspiration for many, minus the muck much of us living in the countryside endure this time of year tending to our livestock or horses and wading through mud at 5am hauling haynets and buckets of feed or those long night’s spent sitting up on lambing watch. Cracked hands and chapped lips are an unavoidable reality of rural life during the winter months, but Lydia’s content and now her book, endeavours to provide both escapism and inspiration to others.

Onto the conversation…. An interview with Lydia Millen:

You describe Evergreen as your proudest accomplishment to date. You wrote on your Instagram that, “it speaks the words that I wish my teenage self, my twenties self, and early thirties Lydia could have heard. It provides the hug that I wish those versions of me could have felt.” We’d love to learn what inspired you to create it?

It’s funny, writing a book had always been something I’d dreamed about doing but I could never quite picture what I wanted to say. In January 2022 however, after going through quite a transformation in my personal life, I repositioned everything from my blog to how I curate my social media feeds and started leaning into sharing what truly makes me happy without worrying about the consequences and other peoples’ opinions. Within a few months, two publishers reached out to see if I’d be interested in writing a book and I knew straight away what I wanted to share.

The book really offers so much more than it suggests at first glance. With a timeless and elegant cover design, Evergreen is described as “the essential guide for anyone who is looking to unearth their inner strength and bring more joy and contentment into their everyday.” Can you share with us your favourite thing about writing Evergreen? And perhaps the most challenging?

My favourite thing about writing Evergreen, though perhaps selfish, was having an excuse to write down, process and realise how far I’ve come over the past few years. Like so many people, 2020 was the hardest year of my life and being able to reflect on that period of my life now that I’m in a much stronger, calmer, happier place felt and still feels truly empowering. As I’ve said a number of times since its publication, the book has provided a sense of catharsis unlike much else. 

That was also the most challenging aspect of the book though. In order to articulate how I truly felt about certain periods of my life and what they’ve taught me, I had to revisit those memories – good and at times, extremely painful. Writing the chapter on loss for instance, took me a lot longer than some of the more light-hearted chapters. 

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