5 out of these 6 herbs are members of the mint family, who knew?

I’ve always used herbs in cooking, but even though I have some in the garden, I usually forget to go and get them, However, this year, I’m set up for the summer right outside the back door…

It all started with a small old water tank that came out of the attic.

It was about to be consigned to the scrap heap when I rescued it, it was perfect for a small herb garden.

So I planted it up and now, just a few weeks later, the herbs are adding so much flavour to a lot of our meals.

It’s positioned right outside the back door, so it’s really easy to pop out and snip a few herbs while we’re cooking.

Here are the herbs I chose and why…


Sage – it’s actually an aromatic herb of the mint family, I use it for pork, poultry and in homemade stuffings.  Allegedly it can help ease hot flushes!


Mint – a really popular herb and one I use a lot. It adds a zing to salads, perfect for boiled new potatoes and goes really well with peas, courgettes and cucumbers. Mint tea is refreshing and of course, don’t forget to add mint to your Pimms jug. It’s also a good decongestant and a digestion aid.


Parsley – available as curly or flat leaf, both are good. A tasty addition to salads, soups and ratatouille.  My Mum used to make a parsley sauce for stews, I might have to find a recipe and try that! You can also make pesto with parsley instead of basil. Another one that is supposed to be good for digestion.


Oregano – Another member of the mint family and very popular in Mediterranean cooking. I use it in pizzas, salads, pasta sauces and as part of a herb dressing. Also supposed to help with bloating and digestion.

In the photo above, I’ve scattered some oregano and grated Parmesan over some croutons I made from the end of a loaf of sourdough. I cut the bread into cubes, tossed them in a splash of olive oil with salt & pepper, then popped them into the air fryer to bake. It literally took me minutes and was a tasty addition to our lunchtime soup.


Rosemary – Another member of the mint family. Great with meats, I usually put it under and around lamb and chicken when I’m cooking them.  In aromatherapy, it’s often used to aid concentration and memory and to reduce stress.


Thyme – yet another mint family herb, and one I use in meat dishes, salads and particularly good on roast potatoes and roasted vegetables. Also, I find a sprig of thyme is a good addition to a gin & tonic!  Said to help with respiratory problems amongst other things.

Well, that’s the end of my mini herb garden tour, please do your own research as well and check for contraindications with medicines and allergies etc before consuming.

What are your favourite herbs? Let me know in the comments below.

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