Cow crushing, courage and compassion.

Louise Coster, is a vibrant, hardworking country loving Beatkeeper on a prestigious sporting Estate in the wilds of Somerset with one hell of a story to share.

Louise Coster, is a vibrant, hardworking country loving Beatkeeper on a prestigious sporting Estate in the wilds of Somerset with one hell of a story to share, and it’s one that combines both adversity and triumph in the most empowering way.

A little over two years ago on the 12th September 2021, life changed in the blink of an eye, unexpectedly through a freak cow crushing accident.

Nestled in the rolling hills and valleys of Somerset, is the sporting Estate Louise and her loyal pack of dogs call home, along with partner Martin and thousands of game birds. Whilst out walking with her faithful hounds and her friend through a nearby field, she was brutally attacked by a cow…narrowly escaping with her life.

“I’ve walked the field for the last four years and never had a problem. I’d always been mindful of them, if they were there. They were big, beef cows and she was over there stood with the rest of the mob. The only thing different about this day, was that I had my friend with me.

Describing the moment she knew something was wrong, Louise recalls how, “she threw her head up, stamping the ground. The dogs weren’t near me, and she took full blown charge. I had nowhere to go. She smashed my legs out from underneath me with her first blow, I fell on top of her before falling underneath her. She kept running backwards and forwards over me, I saw my friend out of the corner of my eye in complete shock not knowing what to do.”

Continuing to bravely relive the ordeal in order to share with us, Louise continued, “I had to shout at my Lab to leave me alone as understandably she was loyal, and trying to help me and I didn’t want her to get hurt. She ran and hid somewhere as I never shout at them. I went to get up and she knocked me down again, rubbing her belly onto me, which I later found out is what they do to kill their calves. She stood on everything and I hurt everywhere. I thought at that point, I am not going to get out of this so I curled into the tightest ball I could and didn’t move. She kept nudging her head into me, and all of a sudden, thinking I was dead I assume, she turned for my friend.”

Knowing her friend wouldn’t be able to escape, a battered and bruised Louise mustered every ounce of strength she could and ran back towards the gate, leading the frenzied cow away from her friend, “as I looked back through the gate, she was there. She was ready and she meant it.”

Louise’s courageous move meant that her friend was able to get herself and the dogs to safety, closing the gate behind them, despite having been knocked over by the cow and injuring her ankle, she had managed to escape the wrath of this cow, unlike Louise.

I was so worried about getting the dogs home and sorted, I think if I hadn’t have had them to focus on, I’d have just sat there in shock, I think it kept me calm for a little bit. When I realised they were safe, I thought shi**, I really hurt, My leg had already swelled up to about three times the size.”

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