Forward thinking: help us shape the future of CWG.

As we mentioned last week, we’d love for you to help us shape the future of Countrywoman’s Guide, in order to that, we’ve created this…

Just as Emma wrote to you a week ago today, I (Holly) am typing this to you now. Emma explained in her piece that, “we are both very keen that our next steps here are useful and reflect what you see a need for in your lives. We don’t want to waste your time with new things that you don’t see a value in.
Your input is important to us, we want to shape a community that becomes a really valuable resource for you.

Being in the infancy of Countrywoman’s Guide, gives us so much freedom and scope to evolve and mould the brand and our content offerings to suit you, our readers. Without you, Countrywoman’s Guide would cease to exist.

You’re the core of the publication, the heart and soul of CWG, we want to create something that you not only enjoy and love reading and interacting with but that you value as part of your life.

So, we have put together a short survey which we would be hugely grateful if you could fill in. It shouldn’t take longer than four minutes (max) of your time this afternoon, the perfect task with a freshly brewed cuppa in hand we reckon.

This is the link: it will take you to a Survey Monkey survey we’ve created, we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible for you to navigate and complete.

If you take the time to complete this, thank you. It really will help us to forge the future of Countrywoman’s Guide in a way that we know is aligned with what you want, not just making wild guesses because we think it’ll work or be enjoyed.

This, below, was a task Emma set me (Holly) when we first began exploring the prospect of CWG, to think about and create the brand’s values, an exercise that would help guide as as we evolved.

As you can see, the name changed, but this will, I hope, give you an insight into our shared mission and values as creators of Countrywoman’s Guide and what CWG should stand for, for you.

Love and thanks,
Holly and Emma x

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