Words to live by…some thoughts for 2024.

Advice comes in many forms, but when it’s from people who have already trodden a path through adversity, it’s probably worth listening to, so it seems fitting to start 2024 with some wise words…

Last Autumn, Holly and I travelled the country, seeking out stories of tenacity and triumph through adversity.

Raising funds for Pompe and RABI as we went, our aim was to showcase the stories that you don’t always hear, the times when it’s not always easy and the grit behind the gloss that we sometimes see online.

I have to say we were often both inspired and humbled by the people we met, some were already known to us and others we met for the first time, but in every single case we discovered things we didn’t know before we started chatting.

Telling people’s real stories is an absolute passion for both of us, but I don’t think either of us predicted how much commonality there would be across the broad range of diverse people we spoke to.

Their stories were uniquely theirs, but without exception, they were all extremely humble about their achievements, absolutely candid about what it had taken them to get where they are and were willing to be vulnerable in sharing their story to help others better understand how changeable life can be.

One of our key aims for Countrywoman’s Guide is to show that life is a journey and the path is littered with failure as well as success.  We do this in the hope that someone who might be riding through one of life’s ruts can see that tougher times happen to others too, but also to shed light that better times will come further along the journey.  So, it’s important to keep on keeping on, or to reach out for help if you just can’t see a way forward at the moment.

At the end of every interview we have asked what advice our interviewees would like to share with others.  As we all start our journey into 2024 today, it seems pertinent to share some of their words of wisdom below…

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