Signing off for Christmas, from us to you.

From us to you, Merry Christmas, however you’re spending it.

We know you are likely in the battle ground of Christmas right now, if you’re anything like us. The big day is hours away, cooking has begun to try and get even slightly ahead, and presents are partially wrapped – kudos to you if you’re sitting smugly with presents wrapped and your feet up, relaxing ready, waiting for the bustle of tomorrow to begin.

Christmas for those of us in the countryside often consists of tending to the animals around the festivities. I have the same conversation with my non-horsey family, year on year about having to see to Simba (and now liveries horses in the morning). Mum is currently preparing the turkey as I write this with Nellie, my little Labrador sitting by her feet sniffing frantically and stretching out her neck and nose as far as possible to soak up the scent.

For me, I will be tending to horses first thing in the morning with Nellie in tow, whilst Emma and Andrew have cows, sheep and chickens to see to before the celebrations can begin. I don’t know about Emma, but I savour those moments of calm, outdoors surrounded by my animals and my peace before I close the door behind me and surrender to the joyful chaos.

We decided a while back to sign off ahead of the big day, and not write to you or post on social media on Christmas. It’s important to put down the phones and technology and be present in these moments, enjoy them, cherish them.

So, from us to you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, we hope it is all you want it to be.

We’ve loved creating stories to share with you all since our launch in July and we are so looking forward to continuing to bring you inspiring content which we hope, helps you to feel seen and not alone. That brings a smile to your face and breaks up your day. The countryside community is vast and one we hope to bring together through shared stories under Countrywoman’s Guide.

Enjoy your day, however you’re spending it and stay safe.

Love Holly and Emma. Xxx

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