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When you meet someone, it’s always nice if they introduce themselves.  It helps you place them and work out if you’re likely to want to spend some time with them, so first off let’s tell you a bit more about Countrywoman’s Guide and what we’re all about.

Originally founded in July 2022 by Emma Warren and Holly Thomson, Countrywoman’s Guide was set up to create a country-inspired online publication to celebrate and bring together the countryside community.

Emma says, “we felt that there wasn’t enough story telling about the realities of running a business and a life in the countryside.  It’s an inspiring place but it’s not always the easiest of places to be.  We felt there was a need for more authentic stories, highlighting the ups and the downs of making progress towards where you want to be.”

The countryside community celebrates wisdom without the barriers of age, there’s a heritage of sharing skills across generations and slow, seasonal living is a way of life.  There’s no magic wand that speeds up crops growing!  There’s also a timelessness about the countryside that takes comfort from knowing that as time passes, things change and wounds heal.

So, like the storytellers of old, who would travel the length and breadth of the country, sharing stories and achievements about the incredible characters to be found within the communities, we set out to find and bring those people to the pages of Countrywoman’s Guide.

Doing so, inspired Holly to reignite her passion for printed magazines and now she is concentrating on a revival publication of her In the Country magazine, with Emma taking on responsibility for Countrywoman’s Guide going forward.

There’s no change to what makes us tick though, we’re still fascinated with how much tenacity and juggling it takes to move forward and achieve your goals and our interviewees are always so generous with the knowledge they share when we talk to them.

If you’d like to follow us on Instagram, search @countrywomansguide, or Countrywoman’s Guide on LinkedIn and Facebook. Look for our CWG monogram as our profile photo, we’ve kept it the same to guide you to our social homes.

For now, it is our pleasure to welcome you to our publication, and Substack home, Countrywoman’s Guide and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Emma and the CWG team.

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